Samantha Walsh

Samantha Walsh - Paint Date Founder/Instructor


Samantha is the owner and instructor at Paint Date. 

Some Professional Work 

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Samantha has a passion for all kinds of art making, and a knack for teaching others to paint. In 2013, she graduated from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in integrated media.

After university, Sam began working full time in an unrelated field and with a busy work and social schedule she found herself no longer making time for some of her favourite pastimes (especially painting). In 2014, upset with the realization that it had been almost a year since she completed a painting, she decided to make a change. She broke out her art supplies, invited some friends over to drink wine and paint and held her first, unofficial, Paint Date.

“We had so much fun that night. My friends who hadn’t painted before seemed scared at first; they didn’t know where to start. It was easy for me to coach them through their paintings by asking questions, and advising them on how I would go about creating whatever it was they wanted to paint. That night I realized that not only do I love painting alone in a studio, but I LOVE sharing my knowledge about painting with others and watching them impress themselves with their own abilities!”

And with that, the idea for Paint Date was born!

With Paint Date, Sam is able to share her knowledge and passion for painting with more than just her close group of friends. Paint Date Events offer the average adult a way to make time in their lives to create, relax, socialize, and ignite a passion for making art. It's an inexpensive way for people to try something new that fulfills their creative need. Samantha is excited and proud to be able to share her love of painting with you and your date(s)!